Legalizing Sustainable Sanitation


MDML roles: grant writers, project implementation, researchers, content creation, and presenters for community & DEQ discussions on onsite treatment options for Oregon.

An enabling regulatory framework is critical to support the implementation of sustainable onsite sanitaiton systems. In order to determine what regulatory frameworks are effective at promoting such systems, MDML conducted interviews with experts involved in regulating, manufacturing and installing onsite treatment systems across the US and in countries like Sweden and Finland where ecological sanitation systems have been encouraged.  We are bringing our findings to DEQ offices and community groups across Oregon in order to get the conversation going about how we utilize our resources to manage our nutrients.

Materials created: Explanatory Diagrams, Case Studies of Appropriate Technologies, Graywater Brochure, Powerpoint Presentations and remake of Recode website with SEO-optimization.

Recode Oregon is a project of Tryon Life Community Farm.
Graywater in Oregon Brochure