Curiosity Club Talk



Core77‘s Hand-Eye Supply  invited us to speak at their fortnightly Curiosity Club on August 7th.

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Bathrooms are not designed in vacuums. Often they’re designed by people wearing pants. Join us for an exploration of the interrelated cultural and social issues at play in designing the components of restrooms and the treatment of excrement.

More than any other issue, the handling of human excrement defies the logic of impact reductionism. Our excrement is the waste most intimately ours and also the waste we are least able to limit; we can’t reduce it and its production is not a choice. It is also a valuable source of nutrients crucial to soil health and structure. Combining inevitability, intimacy, and ecological value, the problem of excrement is situated directly between our artificial boundaries of human and natural environments. Unraveling these interconnections and demonstrating a new positive human ecology is the key to understanding our place in our environment, and deconstructing our systemic problems of waste. Ecological Sanitation is more than simply environmentally conscious sanitation, it is a powerful model for re-imagining ourselves as a keystone species and positive ecological actors.