Looking for Molly? Check out www.Mollydanielsson.com Looking for Mathew? Check out http://publiclab.org/profile/mathew or tweeting @headfullofair Molly & Mathew are working on sanitation issues at www.recodeoregon.org
MDML= Molly Danielsson and Mathew Lippincott. We worked together from 2010 to 2013 on projects ranging from small and light hearted (posters about toilets of the world) to a multi-year campaign with Recode Oregon to introduce performance based codes to the state of Oregon. MDML is no longer active but you can find Mathew and Molly working on other projects.

Talkin’ Shit Dinner

Dinner, drinks, discussion, and a short talk by Mathew Lippincott on the status of sane alternatives
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Awesome Science Posters

Every time it rains in Portland we participate in a “system” officially known as C.S.O., Combin
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