About Us

MDML (Molly Danielsson & Mathew Lippincott) love complicated messy problems, research, and fact checking to create useful content for their clients. Their work includes:

  • Instructions, Standard Operating Procedures and Documentation (MD ML)
  • Technical writing (MD, ML)
  • Graphic design (MD, ML)
  • Illustration (MD)
  • Product Development (ML)
  • Layout for print, web, and presentations (MD, ML)
  • Concept development (MD, ML)


mathew at mdml dot co

Mathew develops open source hardware solutions for environmental monitoring. He is also Director of Production and Production in Education for Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science. B.A. Philosophy, Oberlin College 2006. For a more expansive tour through Mathew’s completed projects check out Head Full of Air.

 molly at mdml dot co

Molly co-wrote the composting toilet building code adopted statewide in 2011, allowing homeowners new choices that are ten times more affordable.

She co-wrote Portland’s emergency sanitation plan, adopted 2012 by Portland Bureau of Emergency Management. It is the first for any city in the country. In 2011 she mentored a class at PNCA’s graduate program for Collaborative Design. Molly is also working on making tax policy accessible through data presentation for Tax & Conversation, a grassroots group working to create a constitutional amendment on income tax reform for Oregon 2014.

Her goal is to turn relevant research and data into visuals that reveal existing patterns and potential alternatives. Her favorite part of her work is illustrating complicated data clearly and succinctly. B.A. Environmental Studies, Oberlin College 2007.

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