Public Laboratory’s Website Redesign

I joined the Public Laboratory in January 2013 for their first ever Wintercamp in Louisiana. I helped them reimagine their website through a series of brainstorming exersizes.  Jeffrey Warren built the site and Liz Barry worked with my illustrations.

Public Laboratory is a nonprofit that does a lot of amazing work for environmental justice. Public Lab is a community where you can learn how to investigate environmental concerns. Using inexpensive DIY techniques, they seek to change how people see the world in environmental, social, and political terms.

Often newcomers to their website are confused at the scope and depth of Public Lab’s work. I worked with them to categorize their different website visitors (the ”tech geek”, the activist, etc)  and their corresponding needs. Through that we broke into teams to create outlines for the main pages of the site and a landing page to address a 10 second visitor, a 30 second visitor and a 3 minute visitor. It was a fun day that lead to refreshing new website.

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